Friday, July 31, 2015

Week Ten!

Dear family and friends,
"To me, every hour of the day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle" -Walt Whitman.
       Last week, I traveled to Paysandú for a zone conference. This week, I went to Montevideo for training for all of the new missionaries for a day. This week, I will be going to Paysandú for divisions with other missionaries (when my companion goes with one hermana, and I go with that hermanas companion so we can all learn from each other). Every time I travel, I have to wake up at 3 to catch a bus. So much tired. 

       As for our investigators: they are struggling. Cirilia has been trying to quit smoking for over 6 months now and we have tried pretty much everything we can to help her. She lives with people that smoke so the temptation is always around her. Geraldin says she feels the spirit while she reads the Book of Mormon, but that is not a good enough answer for her that the church is true. It is a struggle. And as for Joaquin, our 8 year old, he decided he does not want to be baptized anymore. He is really scared so for now we are working with his mom and helping her progress, and she is helping him. I know the mothers influence is key. 

     I LOVE URUGUAY. The cutlure is different, the people are different, the food is different,  but I love it all so much. Our ward area is really large, so sometimes when we go to members houses to eat, we walk a lot. A lot. The picture attached is from the top of a hill (you cannot really tell) and as far as you can see is not even yet to our area. So I walked all of that plus some just to get back to my area. It was crazy. It is great though because I get so see so many beautiful and funny things as we walk. 

Love and miss you all!
Hermana Kaylee Marsh

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