Saturday, July 4, 2015

Week Five!

This week's email may be a bit shorter because I am running out of things to talk about. We do the same thing in the CCM every single day. The good news is that I will be leaving for Uruguay this Tuesday! Most likely I will leave around 2am, so right around when all my American friends and family are going to bed. Be grateful that you get to sleep that night, because I won't haha. I may get to email on Tuesday when I get there, but it may not be until the following Monday. So if you don't hear from me know that I am still alive. 

First of all, thanks for your prayers. For about 2 and a half weeks I hadn't had over 5 hours of sleep a single night, and this last week I was about to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep almost every night. Prayers are answered and your faith is amazing, all of you. It really was nothing short of a miracle for me. 

My favorite part about being a missionary is telling people that they can be with their families forever. We taught a man on Saturday who was pushing his son in a stroller so I asked about him and his family. His son was turning two the next day so I told him that I have a niece that's turning two next month. He asked if I missed her so I told him of course, more than anything, but right now I'm here in Argentina to help others have the opportunity to be with their families forever through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because I already have that opportunity. He seemed so interested after that and he gave us his address. Other missionaries will be teaching him from now on but it was so amazing to see how happy he was when he heard he could be with his son forever. It is just the best. 

There was also a crazy dog fight while we were out on Saturday. A woman threw her bike on them to stop it. Yep, her bike. 

I have managed to stay healthy so far, but everyone has been getting sick so it may hit me right before I leave here. I did have an ingrown toenail this week which I got cut out yesterday. It is healing well and the doctor said it shouldn't be a problem if I keep taking care of it. That is all on my health haha. 

I can now out-eat everyone here. One Elder in my district said "You are a fat girl in a skinny girl's body" So for anyone worried about me, stop haha. I'm sure I'll be fine. I may end up gaining a lot of weight while I'm gone though because already my portion sizes have increased exponentially. 

Update on my Spanish: I can now understand pretty much everything. I even translated the devotional into English a few weeks ago for those who couldn't understand. Oh, unless they're Peruvian. Then I cannot understand a word they say because they talk way too fast. No joke. I can also express myself much better in Spanish now. Overall I feel so blessed because I know I could not do this on my own. 

One day this week the lights and water were out for 3 hours. That was a fun adventure.

Well, that's all for this week. I love being a missionary and I love Argentina and I can't wait to get to Uruguay next Tuesday because I know I am going to love it there even more. Love you all! Thanks again for your prayers and encouraging words.

Hermana Kaylee Marsh

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