Monday, June 8, 2015

Week Two!

Hey everyone!
This week has been awesome! On Sunday I taught in Relief Society, which was in English thank goodness. My Spanish is coming along well but sometimes I just cannot remember the word I am trying to say so a whole lesson would be pretty hard. My lessons in Spanish always turn out fine though,  because I rely on God and the Spirit and not what I know.
   The food is still so good. I am not withering away into nothingness. There is always some sort of pastry at breakfast and twice it has been pie. So if nothing else I will gain a lot of weight while here. And every single bite is worth it.
   My roommates left for their missions this week. They all already knew Spanish so were only here for two weeks. It was so hard to say bye to them. The new ones moved in today, so we had a quite two days with only around 30 people here at the CCM. It felt sooo empty. On their last night we all gathered in the hallway and sang Hymns together. It was amazing experience and the Spirit was so strong.
  Here at the CCM many languages are Spoken. The main three are English, Spanish, and Portugese. The girls from Brazil looove everyone from America. They love teaching us words in Portugese as well so I am actually learning two languages instead of one.
    My favorite peope here at the CCM are the cooks. They now know me and whenever I come up in line they say "ohhhh muy poquito" because I ask for smaller portions. They all like me though because I'm one of the only people who talk to them as they're serving us. They are all so nice.
   So now for some funny stories: the Spanish word for sins is pecados, and my companion was trying to tell someone that our sins can be forgiven. She accidently said pescados instead...which translates into our fish can be forgiven. It was so funny and we still both laugh about it.
    Another language mishap. Our teacher asked who gives the closing prayer and someone in class said "la papa" the teacher then said "That means potato. Hello Mr. Potato, could you say the closing prayer please?" That is how Americans learn that accents are very important in Spanish'.
    Another thing is someone was asking our teacher how to say "body of water" in Spanish, as in lake or ocean. Apparently it doesn't translate well and his response was just "That is weird. Please don't ever say that."
    I am so sorry this letter is so scrambled, a lot has happened and I am trying to remember it all at once! I promise next week to gather my thoughts before I write. I think that's all for this week! It's amazing to hear from you all. I love you and thank you to everyone for supporting me in my time here!
Hermana Marsh

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