Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week One!

     This week has been amazing! The Spanish keyboards are weird so I am going to apologize in advance for all the typos.
     So, I arrived Thursday morning, got into a van with all of the other missionaries (I met up with some at my layover in Atlanta), and they drove us to the Missionary Training Center (called the CCM in Spanish). After 24 hours of travelling I sure was glad to be there. I flew 7,101 miles in one day. I think I'm done with flying for a while. That was the longest day of my life. 
     The food here is great! Nothing too out of the normal and I guess if I was really picky it might be tough but so far so good. The weirdest thing so far has been...pig skin soup. I ate it. A whole bite. (really a little more okay). The fruit is amazing too. Another weird thing is they have pot roast and gravy with...french fries on top. It is surprisingly delicious.
     My companion is amazing!! Her name is Hermana May and I love her so much. She's from Vegas and pretty much just the best.
     Spanish is coming along good so far. I am so glad I took that Spanish class this semester. It has helped me more than I can even express. I definitely feel that it is not always me speaking though. I know that none of this would be possible without Heavenly Father and there's not a prayer that gets uttered that I don't tell Him that. Oh, and all my prayers are in Spanish too, so that's really cool. Most of my district (the people I have all my classes with over 12 hours a day) speak no Spanish so it has been a little bit slow for me but all good review.
      Calling myself Hermana Marsh has been so difficult to remember. I have introuduced my self as Kaylee......hermana marsh sorry! a few too many times. 
     In my room we have three Latinos and my roommate. I have learned more Spanish from them than anyone else honestly. Through a lot of charades. It is so much fun and nights learning Spanish just before bed are so amazing. We sing a Spanish hymn together and pray in Spanish together every night too and recently I have began teaching them basic English because they all want to learn! So just so you know you can be best friends with people who speak a different language than you. 
     As a reminder to us all that we are indeed in South America the lights and water turn off on us about once a day randomly. It happened when we were having a devotional with all the missionaries and the Buenos Aires Temple President and it was super funny but luckily that time they turned back on quickly.
     Today we got to go to the temple! It was all in Spanish but there was just so much peace there and it was a nice break from the normal stress that is the CCM.
     I am sorry but we are not allowed to take pictures in the MTC. I took some outside the temple today to try and send to you but the computers are in Spanish and I am not blessed with the ability to figure computers out. I will try to upload them next week or maybe later today if I have time. 
    Yesterday I got to hear from Jeffrey R Holland. He is the best! He wasn't actually here, it was broadcast from the MTC in Provo, but it was amazing and I learned so much about how to be a better missionary from him. It's all about obedience. 
     Next week I get to go out and teach people in Buenos Aires and I am so excited and so ready.
    Anyway I am just loving life and love being a missionary and love learning Spanish and love everything. I am happy all the time and laugh so much here. I love you all and can't wait to email you again next week! Just know all is well here in Argentina. 

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